Equus-Sims is putting together a “Hunks and Studs” calendar, and the female staff of Eldervine Fields begged bribed threatened in order to get a picture together for the November month. (Our male staff would like to thank dressage trainer William for taking one for the team, cheers William! - Love Matt)

Edited entry (tried Offaly’s trick of PSing the ground, not sure it worked T^T) featuring William van der Velden and ELF Armitage.


Name: Elysia Lismore

Age: Y/A 

Nobody wants to work with a model with wings. And to be honest, the mainstream industry makes me sad - I see the corpses of animals hanging on the racks and girls snorting death to get through the day. I want to be part of a positive change. And I want to wear pretty clothes, obviously.

So much nice new stuff for my simmies.

Haven’t been in game in months and as you can see my graphics are still fucked :’(

Anywho, a wip sim <3

I think I will open my game now. I need to play



Glad to know the sims is realistic about online dating.

"You should tell me about it while we make out."



Psychic / Flying


Artist: zerudez


Wukari—-> Beldary

Ghost/fairy—-> Psychic/fairy

by jof410


Look how happy it is!!!  And it has a little tiara or something!!!  Best fakemon.

OMG I would love this as a pokemon!!!